No fad diets!

Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve performance or just be a bit healthier I would advocate a holistic approach where you aim to adopt healthier food choices and eating patterns gradually allowing them to become a way of life. 

Eating wisely and being healthy does not have to be a chore involving onerous regimes, calorie counting, yo-yo dieting and guilt inducing behavioural patterns.  Start working your diet around some core basic principles:

  • Choose unprocessed food that is as nature intended it
  • Eat lots and lots of fresh fruit and veggies
  • Choose quality proteins and fats and limit grains and dairy
  • Don’t aim for 100% adherence to healthy choices, you’ll go insane – instead aim for 80-90%, allowing lapses, fun and splurges that will make change sustainable for the longer-term.

And remember, diet change is like exercise, if a friend wanted to get into running you wouldn’t suggest they start with a marathon, you’d suggest they start by running round the block first. The same is true of diet, if you make changes step-by-step you will create a stable platform on which you can build further improvements.