What is healthy eating?

Healthy eating is not about fad diets, miracle superfoods, or prostrating ourselves on the altar of acai berries, chia seeds or freekeh (not that theu aren’t all really great!).

It’s also not about slavishly restricting all the ‘naughty’ stuff – everyone is going to have a sticky bun once in a while – we are only human after all! It’s much simpler – it’s about getting better understanding of the basic principles of healthy eating (and support on how to work them into our busy lives) and perhaps – most critically – it’s about striking a balance between the healthy vs. unhealthy choices we make, so we stay sane as well as fit.

Every day I help people understand the nutrition basics (or complexities if they want), support them to set realistic goals and help them make gradual and sustainable changes for the benefit of their health. It’s about empowering people so they are equipped to make better choices for the rest of their lives. I am passionate about food and have a life-long love of and cooking, so I see it as my mission to help people understand that healthy eating can be quick, easy and most importantly, very, very tasty!